About the NCCP

The Northern Care Coordination Programme (NCCP) is one of the seven Tackling Serious Stress projects funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

The programme provides Care Coordination to support some of our Veterans and family members who are dealing with more complex Mental Health conditions. Since starting the project in April 2019 we have supported more than 70 veterans and around an additional 140 family members. The project is due to end March 2022 but the support will not stop. WWTW will assist in the roll out additional services embedded with NHS teams across the country over the coming months as part of an added value service to the already existing NHS Veterans Mental Health Services.

During the Pandemic, our Care Coordinators have worked tirelessly to continue their support our community and have achieved some great outcomes; securing accommodation, supporting our service users to become more active and assisting service users to attend specialist support services, such as addiction recovery programmes.

Collaborative working is core to our approach. Within the NCCP we work closely with the NHS Complex Treatment Service (CTS), NHS Transition Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS), NHS Military Veterans Service (MVS), regional partners, other veterans’ charities and local authorities.

To learn more about the Tackling Serious Stress projects visit the AFCFT website here https://covenantfund.org.uk/programme/tackling-serious-stress-in-veterans-carers-and-families-programme/

If you require more information regarding the NCCP programme, or think you know a veteran, family member or carer that may require the programmes assistance, please email the Project Manager on:


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