Become A Walk Of America Fundraiser!

The key aims of the Walk Of America are to tell the stories of our wounded and their individual journeys from injury to the present day,  raise awareness, broaden the dialogue around mental health and also to fundraise to support the growth of the programmes we operate to support the most ‘at risk’ veterans i.e. those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, those with mental health issues and those who need support in a career transition from the military to civilian employment.

It is important to highlight that our expeditions are not funded by the charity income that we generate,  they are funded by corporate sponsorship partners, organisations seeking a platform to support the veteran community, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, gain a positive return against their CSR strategy and position themselves in the public eye as an organisation that believes in doing well by doing good.

So many generous people are raising vital funds through an event or by taking on a challenge and in doing so helped improve the lives of our wounded ex-servicemen and women.  Thank you all for your contributions.

How can I raise funds for our UK and US veterans?

Fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes, from bag packing at the local super market, to hosting quiz nights. The possibilities are endless! Sporting challenges are a great idea too; you can run, sail, walk, hike, canoe, climb, swim or cycle your way to the finish line either solo or as part of a team, all while raising funds for charity. No matter what your age or where you live, there are many places to fundraise: at your school, your social club, the gym, the local pub, at college, at the supermarket, at work or at home. The clue is in the name: FUN-draising doesn't have to be a task, it's important to enjoy it and have fun whilst you're doing it too!

Here are some ideas to get you going...

  • Have a charity car wash
  • Host a walk in your community
  • Organize a charity golf day
  • Do a sponsored sky-dive or bungee jump
  • Hold an open garden day
  • Host a quiz night
  • Have a charity BBQ with friends
  • Have a bake sale
  • Organize a charity sports game
  • Host a karaoke night
  • Organise a school disco
  • Have a tug-of-war or three-legged race
  • Make something yourself and sell it! Like greetings cards, key-rings or jewellery...
  • Have a pupils v teachers sports match at school or college
  • Organize a charity car wash

Download our fundraising materials!

If you still need some information or inspiration, take a look at our handy fundraising downloads...

Click here for our Top Fundraising Tips

Click here for our Social Media Guide.

Click here to download our Support The Walk Fundraising Poster.

You can print this out to advertise your fundraising event - simply add your own date, time and location. 

Click here to download a Collection Bucket Label.

Simply print and stick onto your own bucket to rattle and collect at your event.

Finally, please keep in mind the safety and legal requirements of the fundraising activity you are undertaking. Keeping everyone safe should be top priority. You can always speak to your local council for more information.