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Meet Huck!

It's about time you met the Huckleberry...

It’s about time for a 'Support Crew Shout Out' to the one and only...Dustin Huckerby! Who also goes by the name of ‘Huck’ or ‘Huckleberry’. Huck served alongside our very own Larry Hinkle in the US Marine Corps between 1999 - 2003 as part of the Amphibious Assault (Military Occupational Specialty 1833). He also saw operational duty in Iraq in 2003. We’ve had the pleasure of Huck’s company on the support crew a number of times during the expedition but we were very pleased that he was also able to join us for the finale in NYC. Huck - thank you for feeding, watering and sometimes carrying this intrepid team along the way, and for keeping spirits on a constant high while you’re at it!!