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Day 64

Jacksonville Beach, FL

They’ve only gone and done it...! Our intrepid team have made it from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. West to East coast complete 

Together they have battled the highs, the lows, emotional struggles, tropical storms, intense humidity, shin splints, blisters, bug bites, allergic reactions, 15 states and 64 days on the road...

What they have achieved since June 2 is quite simply remarkable. They have met countless fellow veterans, shared their war stories, encouragedothers to seek support and kept the wider conversion about military mental health alive and kicking.

Ahead of them lies a well deserved rest week, but they will be stepping off very shortly once again from Charleston in South Carolina. They have less than 300 miles to go before New York, but there’s still plenty of time to support their mission. Please continue to follow their journey and donate here.

Every penny and every cent donated will go to supporting our most vulnerable veterans who are struggling with their mental health, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Thank you!