Everest 2012

The world’s highest mountain is a daunting prospect – unpredictable weather, freezing temperatures and altitude sickness, combined with the technical challenges of climbing a mountain, makes this one of the world’s most difficult expeditions. WWTW planned an ascent from Nepal in May 2012. 

Expedition Manager, Martin Hewitt, made the decision to abandon the trek before reaching the summit due to dangerous and unpredictable icefalls in the most treacherous part of the Everest ascent which became a risk of 'certain serious injury and potential loss of life'.

Prince Harry, Expedition Patron said: 'The mere fact that they (the team) were up there on that fearsome peak, I find totally amazing.'

The team consisted of five soldiers who had suffered from gunshot wounds, burns and amputated limbs while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Captain Martin Hewitt, 31 (Expedition Manager and former Captain in Parachute Regiment, shot twice through the shoulder in Afghanistan in 2007).

Private Jaco van Gass, 25.

Captain David Wiseman, 29, (shot in the chest in Afghanistan 2009).

Captain Francis Atkinson, 31, (serious gunshot wound in Afghanistan).

Private Karl Hinett, 25, (37% burns to his hands, legs, arms and face when his Warrior tank was hit by a petrol bomb in Iraq in 2005).

And their support team: Henry Chaplin, Daniel Majid, Andy Hawkins, Mani Rai, Chris Gwilt and Charlie Russell.

Co-founder Edward Parker said: "The decision not to aim for the summit was not an easy one, but it is the right decision to be made. The team are very low as they have worked so hard over the last nine months to achieve the target, but they do understand why we have made this decision and they were involved in the process."

This expedition was sponsored by Glenfiddich.

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