Project Nova

Nova identifies and supports those veterans caught up in a cycle of anti-social and criminal activity, to prevent further downward spiral and continued offending by supporting them back into mainstream society and long term employment.

There is a need to curb the increasing number of ex-forces personnel entering the Criminal Justice System and to reduce the numbers ending up in prison.

“Whatever the exact figures for ex-servicemen in prison, it is important to stress that all estimates indicate that ex-servicemen constitute a significant subset of the adult male prison population and by occupation, potentially the largest.”1

Project Nova looks to identify and provide tailored support to this vulnerable veteran group and to make early interventions that, if not addressed, could lead to further deterioration of personal circumstance, resulting in possible loss of employment, relationship breakdown and a possible custodial sentence. We do this by changing offender behaviour and addressing the underlying issues that lead to re-offending.

Having completed a pilot in Norfolk and Suffolk, we are now expanding Nova to the North East and North West with plans to grow across the UK. Any eligible veteran within our areas of operation, who has been referred, will be considered for Project Nova support.

The key to Project Nova’s success is the partnership with Police, NHS, other military charities, civilian support organisations and the veteran. Project Nova is underpinned by a holistic approach and collaborative working.

1 Report of the Inquiry into Former Armed Service Personnel in Prison Howard League for Penal Reform