Trusts and Foundations

Support veterans and their families through your Trust or Foundation with a grant

You too can make a lasting impact for our ex-service women and men by making a grant to Walking With The Wounded.

Making a donation through a charitable Trust or Foundation helps veterans by funding our work to deliver life-changing mental health and employment support, and support care coordination.

If your Trust or Foundation would like to support UK military veterans, we’d love to work with you. You can rely on your grant making a significant impact on the lives of those who’ve served through huge social value - for every £1 invested we deliver at least £13 in economic value from our Employment Programme, and £6 from our Mental Health Programme. We also aim to provide gold standard reporting, clear and impactful data, and sustainable outcomes.

And you’d be in good company. We work with many high profile and prestigious Trusts and Foundations to empower military veterans to rebuild their lives when transitioning into civilian life.

Your generous funding could change and save the lives of those who have served, and need support. By partnering with us, you will be a part of enabling life-changing and sustainable programmes.

We would love to work with you to support veterans. To find out more about working with Walking With The Wounded, contact Kate on 07935 754239 or

The mental health support team at WWTW were the ones that gave me the help that I needed, and they were phenomenal. Carolyn at Head Start was incredible and so supportive.

Martin, veteran and Head Start beneficiary

Trusts and Foundations Supporting Walking With The Wounded