Support Care Coordination

Practical support empowering veterans to rebuild their lives

Personalised and tailored support for veterans, for every part of life.

Support Care Coordination from Walking With The Wounded, and in partnership with NHS Op COURAGE, helps ex-service personnel manage complex challenges, improve wellbeing and transform their lives. When a veteran is struggling and needs help, we’re here for them.

If you’re a military veteran and need support, please visit our Ask for Help page to request a call back and we'll get back to you within one working day.

Organisations that can help in an immediate crisis

If you feel you're at risk call SAMARITANS (24hr) on 0116 123 or the NHS out of hours service 111

If you are suicidal or at risk of harming others call 999

Imagine you are taking a veteran up a mountain. For one, the aim would be to get to the top, for another it would be to get exercise, for another fresh air, and another just wants to be with nature. The aim is different for everyone

WWTW Veteran Support Liaison Officer

Our Support Care Coordination professionals have the time, experience and expertise to understand each individual they work with. We can respond to what veterans have been through and are here to listen, to support and get them back on their feet.  

Holistic support for veterans when it matters most

We provide caseworkers to the NHS to deliver Support Care Coordination in six of the seven Op COURAGE regions. This means that clients receiving mental health support through the NHS also get the support of a Walking With The Wounded Support Care Coordination caseworker, providing them with social support at the same time.

Together, they build a trusted relationship that provides tools, support, and guidance. Because the experience of every veteran who has served in the military is unique, our support is always tailored to exactly what each veteran needs to better manage what’s happening in their life. 

Thanks to Laura, everything has improved. She gave me confidence and guidance. I am happy and comfortable where I live, I am taking better care of myself, and I am in a much better place.

Peter, WWTW beneficiary

Help for veterans with relationships, housing, finances and more 

We understand that leaving military service can be challenging. Those who’ve served in the Armed Forces can face multiple and complex problems in all parts of life: 

  • Mental health, depression, anger, anxiety, stress 
  • Jobs and employment
  • Managing debt
  • Accessing benefits and services
  • Relationships with families and friends
  • Accommodation and housing 
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Low educational attainment or qualifications
  • Low confidence, sense of self-esteem and sense of self-worth 

Each client's needs and experience are different. Some veterans leave service suddenly or are very vulnerable when discharged. Others who have served may have been coping with challenges for years.   

How Support Care Coordination transforms the lives of veterans

Our highly trained and experienced Support Care Coordination staff respond directly to each client and their specific needs. We discuss each area of life through a holistic needs assessment and provide a single point of contact to build a bespoke package tailored exactly to that person.  

Together, we look at what’s happening in every significant area of life, and build an honest picture of need and change in need in ten areas;  

  1. Living situation 
  2. Caring for yourself 
  3. Finances 
  4. Friends and relationships 
  5. Health 
  6. Wellbeing 
  7. Use of time 
  8. Drugs and alcohol 
  9. Safety and crime 
  10. Trust and hope

Because we have strong relationships with other services and organisations we can bridge gaps in care when and where they’re needed. We don’t deliver support services directly, but we always set up the relationships and stay with our clients every step of the way. 

By using our Support Care Coordination service, veterans who face difficult challenges can find a clearer way forward:

  • Tools to manage mental health, identifying triggers, developing healthier coping strategies and knowing where to get support
  • Prioritise actions to make facing challenges more manageable
  • Increased self-confidence to discuss problems
  • Advocate for themselves and make positive choice
  • Know how to access services through bureaucratic processes 
  • Have more trust in services to deliver support, and not let them down

    High impact Support Care Coordination, every step of the way  

    By creating the tools, advice, guidance and connections to access essential services, our clients face less stress, anxiety and worry in managing their challenges, such as debt, drugs, relationships, employment, housing or mental health.  

    After working with us, veterans believe change is possible. They have a better understanding of their situation, helping them manage whatever’s happening. Because we’re with them through the process, they feel supported to act independently and make positive choices. 

    A support service that veterans can trust 

    We use an established model, called the Outcomes Star™, to measure where our clients are in different areas of their lives. Using primary evidence, direct from our clients, we can be sure we’re supporting and measuring real-life changes.  

    Walking With The Wounded is accredited with the Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard. This is awarded by The Confederation of Service Charities. The Veterans Mental Health Awareness Standard means we demonstrate a strong awareness and understanding of veterans with mental health needs and requirements, and strive to achieve best practice.

    We are also working with a charity think tank, NPC, who will review our data and help make sure our Support Care Coordination remains highly effective.  

    If you feel you would benefit from our Support Care Coordination, please ask us for help