Gift in Wills

Leave a lasting legacy for those who’ve served

Every year, thousands of servicemen and women leave the Forces and most transition into civilian life relatively easily. But for others the change can be tough, feeling isolated and lost. 

Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for struggling veterans to integrate back into society. With our support, they can regain and sustain their independence.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Walking With The Wounded supports the essential employment, mental health and support care coordination services we provide ex-Navy, Army and RAF personnel. It means we can continue to plan and provide life-changing and life-saving support to veterans and families.

We know our services save lives, relationships, jobs and inspire change. Working together, we can make the difference veterans need to get their lives back on track.

I didn’t want to say that I was broken and that I badly needed help, but I couldn’t go on without support.

Martin, ex-Armed Forces veteran and WWTW beneficiary

Your gift makes sure we can always be here to help support people like Martin who have struggled since leaving military service. You can make a real difference to those who have served their country by supporting our services.

We always put military veterans and their families first. They are at the heart of everything we do. Since we were founded in 2010, over 16,000 individuals have benefitted from our support.

We continually evaluate our work and have seen consistently good results across all of our programmes.  We measure Wellbeing using the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Life Satisfaction measure and in 2022 our programmes were independently reviewed by Pro Bono Economics.

Pro Bono Economics found that that for every £1 invested, Walking With The Wounded deliver:

  • At least £6 in economic value from Head Start, our mental health programme
  • At least £13 in economic value from our Employment Programme

They also found that:  

  • On average, WWTW beneficiaries start with wellbeing scores in line with the lowest 6% of the population in England, meaning that we are supporting veterans with the highest levels of need
  • For beneficiaries on our mental health programme, the average Life Satisfaction score improved by 2.7 points on a scale of 0-10, significantly higher scores than those in similar situations outside of our programme
  • For those using our Support Care Coordination services, the average Life Satisfaction score of beneficiaries improved significantly by 3.1 points

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Donate in Memory

As well as leaving a gift in your Will, you can donate in Memory of someone and make a difference to veterans who need tailored support. 

Find out more about In Memory giving

Useful resources for leaving a gift in your Will

There is further information below that can help when you are making a gift in your Will. We always recommend you seek legal advice when making or changing your Will.

Remember a Charity: How to make a Will
Citizens Advice: Advice on creating a Will and why it's important
HMRC: The basics of inheritance tax
GOV.UK: An overview of creating a Will
The Law Society: Help with finding a solicitor in your area

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • A solicitor can help make sure your Will is valid and that your wishes are met. However, you can choose to use a Will writer or online Will provider.  

    • The cost of writing a Will varies depending on how complicated it is, but ask several solicitors what they charge before making your decision. We also work with Farewill, and the Goodwill Partnership who are generously providing Walking With The Wounded supporters a free Will ​​service.

    • At the moment, if you leave a gift to Walking With The Wounded in your Will, it’s not included when valuing your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. The value of your gift is deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is applied.

      However, Inheritance Tax rules can change so it’s always best to discuss your Will and the type of gift you might like to leave with your solicitor.

      Terms & Conditions for Free Online Wills 

      Click to view Terms and Conditions for Free Online Will Promotions PDF

    • If you already have a Will and would like to add a gift to Walking With The Wounded, you can complete a codicil form and store it with your Will. A codicil is read alongside your Will and allows for changes to a Will without it having to be rewritten.

      We know circumstances change, and you can amend your Will at any time. We never ask you to tell us whether you have left us a gift in your Will, although we're always very happy to hear from you, so we can say thank you.

    • There are three types of gift you can leave in your Will:  

      1. A share of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. These gifts are very important to us as they usually increase in value over time. This also means you're less likely to need to amend it in the future. 
      2. A specific sum or set amount of money. 
      3. A specific item, for example, something valuable such as an antique, painting, property or shares that we would sell.