Payroll Giving

Support our vital work with a tax-free donation through your pay

A smart way to support through your pay.

Payroll Giving is stress-free, tax-free giving that allows you to support a cause you love regularly through your payroll.

With many people in need, we are looking for support via Payroll Giving donations now more than ever. Giving through your payroll to Walking With The Wounded will ensure we can continue to support veterans and their families into the future.

This is the most tax efficient way to give us your donation as it comes to us inclusive of the income tax you would have paid - saving you money and supporting us even further.

How does Payroll Giving work?

Payroll Giving donations are taken from your salary after National Insurance but before tax. This means we receive more money but at no extra cost to you.

You donate*£5£10£20
Cost to you as a 20% tax payer£4£8£16
Cost to you as a 40% tax payer£3£6£12

*There is no minimum or maximum donation suggestion when it comes to Payroll Giving.

Your donation could support a programme such as Support Care Coordination

Support Care Coordination from Walking With The Wounded helps ex-service personnel manage complex challenges, improve wellbeing and transform their lives. When a veteran is struggling and needs help, we’re here for them.

Learn more about Support Care Coordination

What are the benefits of Payroll Giving?

As an employee:

  • Easy: You can sign up using one simple form.
  • Flexible: You can stop or change your donation at any time.
  • Private: We will never ask for your bank details as the donation will come straight out of your salary.
  • Pay less to give more: The only way to give that allows full tax relief on donations.

As an employer:

There are lots of benefits to offering a Payroll Giving scheme for your employees and every employer in the UK can start a scheme regardless of your size. Research shows that donating to charity or simply being kind helps mental health and general wellbeing. More than £2 billion has been donated through Payroll Giving by over 1 million employees.

Please contact our Individual Giving Manager, Viveca Johnstone, at if you would like Payroll Giving information on how you can support us as an employer.

You can find out more about Payroll Giving as an employer on the GOV.UK website.

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