Big River Bakery extends hand to veterans

Posted by Press Team

11 April 2024

Mental Health | Veteran Support | Community Support

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Throughout March, Big River Bakery generously opened its doors to Walking With The Wounded and our veteran clients, offering them a chance to enroll in a 6-week baking course.

As a commercial bakery deeply rooted in community service, Big River Bakery goes beyond just baking goods. They actively contribute to the local community by organising various initiatives, including daily breakfast bags for children who are unable to access breakfast clubs, welcoming and supporting the homeless with free food and hot drinks and offering ‘pay as you feel days`- offering free lunches on a weekly basis for all.

The veteran-focused course provided a platform for veterans in the local areas to acquire new culinary skills. Participants not only had the opportunity to socialise and forge connections with fellow bakers but also explore new recipes, experiment with different techniques, and expand their baking repertoire.

Reflecting on his experience, Carl expressed his gratitude, saying, "Thanks for inviting me along, it has been great to get out of the house. I’ve been a bit isolated lately, so getting out to meet some new people and learn something new has been really good for me. I’m not the best in the kitchen but I’m pleased I came along."

Ann, who attended the course, shared her enthusiasm, "This is my second time at the Big River Bakery, and I have loved it! I can’t thank you enough for inviting me along. I’ve not had an easy time getting out of the house recently, I’ve been suffering with my mental health, so coming along to these sessions has given me something to look forward to and has taught me some new skills."

Ken echoed the sentiment, remarking, "What a great session! I’ve had loads of fun, and it has given me so much confidence. Meeting all these lovely people and spending time at the bakery has given me a real injection of positivity."

At the end of each session, participants proudly took home their freshly baked creations.

On behalf of Walking With The Wounded and the veterans in attendance, we would like to thank owner Gail and the wider Big River Bakery team for their invitation. All involved have enjoyed learning from the baker’s expertise, spending time together and learning new skills within a supportive and safe space.