Charley Halford takes on epic 928-mile solo run for charity

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17 April 2024

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Charley Halford, aka 'Halfordsucks,' from Kent, is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge as he prepares to embark on a solo 928-mile run from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Starting on May 1st, he endeavours to complete the challenge by June 1st.

Charley, a professional streamer and YouTuber known as ‘Halfordsucks,’ ran his inaugural marathon on a treadmill two years ago, simultaneously streaming and playing Warzone to raise money for charity. His inspiration for the challenge stemmed from a fractured leg suffered in a BMX accident. The accident dashed his hopes of joining the Royal Marines.

Dubbed 'The Odyssey Project', Charley has been diligently preparing for this monumental feat since his inaugural marathon. His mission is to demonstrate that anything is achievable through determination and perseverance..

Reflecting on his impending challenge, Halford shared, “My first marathon transformed my life from an unhealthy lifestyle to one of ambition. The success of that marathon fuelled my determination to aim for Land’s End to John O’Groats. While I anticipate that the challenge will be no easy feat, I am excited to get stuck in.”

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The Odyssey Project is a series about more than just running, it’s a celebration of the human potential to defy the odds, overcome my personal limitations and to embrace the journey, regardless of how daunting that might be.

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