Moira takes on the London Landmarks Half Marathon

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4 April 2024

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Ready your running shoes because on 07 April, the spirited Moira Dobie, a dedicated supporter of WWTW, is gearing up to conquer the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

This thrilling event winds its way through the heart of London as runners pass by iconic landmarks such as the majestic Tower of London and the stately Somerset House.

What inspired you to take on the London Landmarks Half Marathon at 75 years old?

Since I took up running for fitness and friendship in my early 60's, I have entered many races from 5k to half marathons and as this year is to be my last half marathon, I wanted it to be memorable. Friends told me how special the London Landmarks Half is as it celebrates some of London's grand and hidden history and it's fun, so I entered. Age didn't come into it.

In the past I have raised money for various charities and this time I was very keen to find a military charity as we have a long family connection with the military.

I am so pleased to have found the charity Walking With The Wounded.

How have you been preparing physically and mentally for this event?

I've trained over the past few weeks with a group of good friends, who are also running the LLHM. In addition to running, I've had a personal trainer who has concentrated on building my strength and stability. I've also regularly attended a variety of classes at the gym including spin and circuits. Any catch-up with friends must include coffee and cake!! A regular massage helps too!

Can you share any specific training routines or strategies you've adopted for this half marathon?

About 12 weeks prior to race day, I downloaded a Beginners and Intermediate Half Marathon training plan. Although I've been running for 13 years, I have never been a fast, or classed myself as a serious runner, more of a social slower runner. Also, I may not follow a plan religiously, but I do find it helps me to focus on the task ahead.

Have you faced any unique challenges or obstacles during your training?

Nothing serious thankfully. Just the usual sore knees and the dreaded cramps which I get no matter how much I stretch out.

What motivates you to continue pushing yourself and staying active.

The support of family and friends. I want to be fitter as I move into older age by improving my energy levels, reduce joint pain and meeting like-minded people of various ages.

How important has support from friends, family, or the community been in your journey to the half marathon?

Extremely important. There is a group of 6 of us running the LLHM and between us we successfully organised 3 main fundraising events all supported by friends, family, and the running community.

What advice would you give to other who may be hesitant about pursuing similar physical challenges?

It would depend on why you were hesitant. If you were unsure due to your health, then maybe have a chat with your doctor first. Talk to friends or maybe buddy up with a friend who might like to join a local running club or gym.

Are there any goals or milestones you've set for yourself during the half marathon?

If I begin to get fatigued during the race, then I will start 'jeffing' (i.e. run 2 minutes/walk 30 seconds)

How do you plan to approach pacing and managing your energy throughout the race?

My running plan will be based on my training plan regime and recent times per mile. I will use the run/walk method if necessary. Glucose sweets can also help.

Can you share any memorable experiences or lessons you've learned during your training for this half marathon?

Each day of training can vary. Some go well and some may not, but a good companion makes all the difference. On another day if may be your turn to support a friend who is struggling. Teamwork can pay huge dividends.

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The London Landmark Half Marathon event is not your average half marathon! From cultural landmarks and heritage to the city's quirky and hidden secrets, runner get to explore the capital on a route like no other!

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