Supporting Royal Naval and Royal Marine veterans

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8 December 2023

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Delivering core programmes that work to support Royal Naval and Royal Marine veterans and their families.

Due to the support of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, alongside Greenwich Hospital, Walking With The Wounded has continued to deliver our core programmes that work to support Royal Naval and Royal Marine veterans and their families.

The grant of £21,600 has been applied to improve mental health, maintain family relationships, and further support those who need ongoing assistance post transition to civilian life.

A recent WWTW client who served in the Royal Navy for 31 years suffered from illness due to service and other medical incidences. Due to this, they had greatly reduced independence. After receiving contact from his wife, one of our care coordinators applied for a mobility device – with several funding sources contributing to this application. Progress was made and the veteran now uses the mobility device on a regular basis, even going on holiday for the first time in many years. The couple are extremely thankful for the help we provided, offering the veteran a sense of independence they hadn’t felt since serving.

The biggest trends observed over the course of the funding period so far has been the increase in demand for services due to several factors, the predominant one being the cost-of-living crisis. We noted a huge subscription to our support care coordination programme (81% increase in 2022), particularly in relation to emergency debt relief with electricity and food bills, and support needed for securing accommodation. Whilst difficult to predict, it is likely that as we move beyond crisis point, demand for sustainable employment will begin to grow.

We have also observed the need for holistic support, and the importance of indirect beneficiaries, some of whom have become direct recipients of support through receiving mental health support for their families. However, this becomes an empowering scenario for both the veteran and their family where they are equipped with the skills and tools to increase well-being and quality of life.

Thank you again to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Greenwich Hospital for their ongoing support.

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