Team of ultra-runners to conquer the Marathon des Sables

Posted by Press Team

18 March 2024

Fundraising | Marathon des Sables

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Participants make their way across the rugged landscape in scorching temperatures.

Join us on April 12th, 2024, as a dedicated team of ultra-runners, representing Walking With The Wounded, sets out to conquer the daunting Marathon des Sables, a renowned six-day endurance race spanning the treacherous terrain of the Sahara Desert.

Renowned as the 'toughest footrace on Earth,' the Marathon des Sables presents an arduous challenge as participants cover over 250 kilometres—equivalent to 5.5 marathons—in just six days, all while braving scorching temperatures and rugged landscapes, completely self-supported.

"The Marathon des Sables holds legendary status," describes James Davis, Events Manager at WWTW. "It stands as the ultimate test in ultra-running. We are grateful to our team of 10 runners undertaking the MdS to support WWTW. Their upcoming challenge will be daunting, yet every donation they raise will directly contribute to transforming the lives of veterans and their families, offering crucial support in employment, care coordination, and mental health.”

The WWTW team is comprised of Ed Scott, Tony Anderson, Ben Norfield, Tim Neill, Zukie Tandathu, Simon Roche, Tristan Peniston-Bird, Calum Blow, Charlie Langley, and Oliver Brown, each driven by a shared determination to make a difference.