The Veterans' Foundation continues joint support to Northern Ireland veterans

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29 November 2023

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There are estimated to be over 24,000 working age veterans living in Northern Ireland.

The Veterans’ Foundation has generously supported Walking With The Wounded with a grant of £30,000 to help fund our Support Care Coordination programme in Northern Ireland and have been doing so since September 2021.

Demand for support continues to outweigh current capacity. There are estimated to be over 24,000 working age veterans living in Northern Ireland and research by the Forces In Mind Trust (FIMT) in 2021 found that over a third of veterans in NI (36%) who responded to a survey about their mental health and well-being are likely to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A similar number reported problematic alcohol usage (36%). With the Armed Forces Covenant not operating in NI, there is limited veteran specific support for individuals in organisations such as the NHS. As a result, veterans in crisis do not have anywhere to turn.

Our Care Coordinator has supported some of the most vulnerable and complex individuals and has made significant progress in developing pathways of support into mental health services and addiction services both in NI and England.

Assistance is tailored to meet individual needs and has ranged from providing help with housing, mental health, addictions, to employment and financial issues. Indirectly, families and spouses have also been supported. Feedback on the service has been highly positive.

Thank you for your time and patience, I’m so pleased that you are part of our going up the ladder and also for the hard work that you do.

This support has enabled us to develop a long-term strategy for funding Support Care Coordination in Northern Ireland whilst maintaining continuity and building upon the links with organisations such as RIR Aftercare, Department For Communities, AAVSNI, Inspire Wellbeing, Brooke House Enniskillen, UDR, and Royal Irish Regiments.

Thank you again to the Veterans’ Foundation for supporting our Northern Ireland Support Care Coordination programme.

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