WWTW CEO takes on Sahara Desert

Posted by Press Team

14 February 2024

Trek | Sahara

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Tony's appetite for adventure has been evident from a young age.

Tony Hulton, CEO of Walking With The Wounded, is set to embark on a 100km trek through the Sahara Desert later this month, with the support from our partner, Tribal Tracks.

Accompanying Tony on this challenging journey will be a dedicated team of 10 WWTW supporters, among them WWTW Co-Founder and former CEO, Ed Parker. Together, they will navigate the daunting 100km cross-desert terrain, traversing vast sand dunes, plateaus, valleys, and breathtaking oases. Nights will be spent under canvas, enduring the scorching desert heat by day and the bone-chilling cold after sunset.

Reflecting on the upcoming adventure, Tony said, "I am excited to take on this fundraising endeavour in support of Walking With The Wounded and our veterans. While I anticipate the challenges of the desert trek, I am acutely aware that they pale in comparison to the daily struggles endured by many veterans, especially those who benefit from WWTW's employment, support care coordination, and mental health programmes. My goal is to raise funds that support these programmes and in turn, those who served their country.”

Tony's appetite for adventure has been evident from a young age, with a history of participating in numerous expeditions, ranging from scaling Welsh peaks to conquering some of the world's most formidable mountain ranges, such as the Himalayas and the Alps. Additionally, his leadership experience extends to guiding teams through the unforgiving terrain of the Norwegian Arctic and the dense jungles of Malaysia.

Tony will be joined by Edward Parker, Alverne Bolitho, Andrew Barr-Sim, Simon Townsend, Lewis Runnion, William Hellier, Martin Moore, Robert Mills, and Johnny Criswell.

We'll be sharing updates from Tony and the team on our social media. To support the team, please visit their donation page.