Walking With The Wounded team conquers Marathon des Sables, raising £38,000 for veterans and their families

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4 May 2024

Fundraising | Marathon des Sables

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Walking With The Wounded's (WWTW) team of ultra-runners has achieved an incredible feat by successfully completing the legendary Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert. With the guidance and support of renowned coach Rory Coleman, the team not only conquered one of the most gruelling foot races on the planet but also raised an impressive £38,000 to support veterans and their families.

One standout fundraiser was Ed Scott, the youngest member of the WWTW team, who contributed an exceptional £7,050 to the total. The entire team, comprising 10 dedicated runners, made up of Ed Scott, Tony Anderson, Ben Norfield, Tim Neill, Zukie Tandathu, Simon Roche, Tristan Peniston-Bird, Calum Blow, Charlie Langley, Oliver Brown, and Emily Moore, displayed remarkable determination and endurance as they traversed the harsh Sahara landscape.

The Marathon des Sables is known for its extreme conditions, with participants facing rugged terrain, towering sand dunes, and blistering temperatures. Despite these challenges, the WWTW team created unforgettable memories and proved their resilience and team spirit.

WWTW Events Manager James Davis, said, "I want to give a huge thank you to every member of the 2024 WWTW Marathon des Sables team. The race is an incredible challenge, and every runner was pushed to their limits as they tackled this multi-stage event. We at WWTW are immensely grateful for your commitment to supporting those who served. The money raised by the team will go toward ensuring that veterans and their families receive the support they need."

Rory Coleman, a leading ultra-running coach and WWTW supporter, added, “I have worked closely with the WWTW MdS team over the past year and joined them out in the Sahara as they took on this phenomenal event. It was a joy to coach the team and watch everyone cross the finish line on day 6. The MdS is no easy feat but through hard graft, rigorous training and teamwork, Ed, Tony, Ben, Tim, Zukie, Simon, Tristan, Calum, Charlie, Oliver and Emily all completed the race of a lifetime. Welcome to the MdS alumni!”

If you’re feeling inspired by the 2024 WWTW Marathon des Sables team, find out how to join our 2025 team by contacting events.team@wwtw.org.uk.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure and help support those who have served.