Zukie Tandathu – Frontline Solider and Desert Runner

Posted by Press Team

28 April 2024

Fundraising | Marathon des Sables | Interview

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Zukie Tandathu, a frontline soldier with nearly 21 years of military service, has accomplished an extraordinary challenge - the 38th Marathon des Sables (MdS) Legendary. Born in South Africa and having lived in the UK for 23 years, Zukie's journey is a testament to his resilience and dedication.

Currently stationed at MITC, Zukie's role involves preparing units and individuals for deployment on various operations. His military background provides him with a unique perspective on discipline, teamwork, and perseverance - qualities that undoubtedly served him well during the MdS.

When asked about his fears regarding the race, Zukie candidly admitted to dreading the scorching heat, having to meticulously monitor his calorie intake, and navigate the challenging sand dunes. Yet, despite these apprehensions, he remained optimistic and determined to overcome any obstacles that came his way.

What drove Zukie to undertake such a gruelling challenge? The allure of the MdS lies in its iconic status as an ultra-marathon set against the backdrop of the African continent. "I'm looking forward to being on the start line, experiencing the prestige of the race, and getting to know my teammates from Walking With The Wounded." Zukie shared enthusiastically.

For Zukie, this race is not just a personal challenge but also a way to give back to those who have served. "I want to connect with those that have served and reassure them that they are not forgotten." he passionately expresses. Through his involvement with Walking With The Wounded, Zukie hopes to support the incredible work being done aiding veterans and their families.

Post-race Zukie offered valuable advice to aspiring MdS participants. "Go for it! Have a training plan, plan early and try to train in similar conditions, if possible."

Having embarked on this extraordinary adventure, Zukie can now add the 38th Marathon des Sables Legendary to his list of accomplishments. Zukie's journey from serving in the military to undertaking the MdS is a powerful testament to his resilience, and commitment to making a difference.