anas' STORY

Life after military service can be tricky to pin down.  For Anas, finding his place in the world as a veteran, with his whole life ahead of him presented a whole range of challenges.

Finding it difficult to fit in

Anas was 17 when he decided that he’d had enough of formal education. He wanted to leave school and start work at a proper job. His Dad had been in the Parachute Regiment, and Anas was keen to follow in his footsteps into a military career. Anas joined the Army in the Royal Logistics Corp. He served in the military for eight years, travelling the globe from Scotland to Kenya, Gibraltar and Canada, to tours in Lithuania.

Anas found it difficult to conform. As a youngster, he admits that he could be a bit cheeky and outspoken, and in the Army, this led to trouble with his superiors. But it wasn’t just the hierarchy of the ranks that Anas found challenging. Within his own peer group, Anas was bullied and heavily criticised by those around him. Over time, his self-confidence was undermined and eventually, he decided to leave the Army.

After leaving the Army, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was totally lost.

Anas, military veteran and WWTW beneficiary

Dealing with frustration, anxiety and depression 

When Anas left military service and re-joined civilian life in 2019, his mental health and emotional wellbeing were low. With no ideas what to do next, he drifted, unable to find a career that motivated him like his time in the Armed Forces. He went from unfulfilling job to job; factory-line and call centre work, growing increasingly bored and frustrated. Without any personal goals, his self-esteem deteriorated, and he fell further from where he wanted to be, eventually suffering from anxiety and depression.

In 2021, still only 27 years old, Anas was referred to a Walking With The Wounded Family Support Officer. We worked with Anas, providing expert support for his mental health, and through focused discussions with our experienced Support Officers, we began to help Anas. He met Lynsey, one of our skilled Employment Advisors and Lynsey and Anas worked together to find a new direction and some career goals for Anas that would bring a real sense of fulfilment to his future.

In some ways, Walking With The Wounded and Lynsey saved my life. Lynsey went through career ideas based on my skills and interests. It really opened my mind to the possibilities.

Anas, military veteran and WWTW beneficiary

Finding focus and uncovering ambitions

Walking With The Wounded Employment Advisors make a real difference to the lives of veterans. They’ve got the experience, skills and understanding to provide the tools for a new life as a civilian for veterans who struggle after leaving the Army, Royal Air Force or Navy. Lynsey secured the funds Anas needed to complete his HGV training; £500 from the Royal Logistics Corp, £500 from the Royal British Legion and £370 from Walking With The Wounded’s Quick Relief Fund.

Working with Lynsey had given Anas a sense of what he could be and the skills to achieve his ambitions. Anas was on his way to a new career and in December 2021, he received his HGV licence.

Lynsey secured all the funding that I needed to take my HGV course. I really have a lot to thank her for – my life had felt stationary until she got it moving again. Although I’ve now got a secure job, she still regularly keeps in touch just to make sure everything is going ok.

Anas, military veteran and WWTW beneficiary

Your support changes lives

Walking With The Wounded have supported veterans like Anas since 2010 with bespoke mental health, employment support and support care coordination. For those who have served their country and need help finding their place after service, Walking With The Wounded provides essential services that can save lives.

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