Purpose of the policy

To help guarantee the availability of ongoing funds to pay for our work, Walking With The Wounded aims to maintain a broad base of different sources of funding. The purpose of this policy is to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders with regards to how and when we can accept support.

The majority of our supporter relationships will be cash income based, but may also involve in-kind, pro-bono, marketing, or other support.

WWTW will not allow any supporter to compromise our independence and all supporters, and staff associated with these supporters, must be clear that the positions we take are based on our independent assessment of the most effective way to advance our mission - they are not constrained in any way by the policy or priorities of any organisations or individuals that support us. The purpose of the document is as follows:

  • To help ensure that funding relationships do not indirectly support activities that are counter to our mission
  • To protect our reputation, by supporting decision-making on funding opportunities
  • To provide guidance on the types of companies, funders and fundraising events that we will or will not be associated with in pursuing fundraising to support delivery of our mission


Ethical Fundraising Policy

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