Image for Walking with the Wounded News - November 1st, Veteran, Brian Wood, to run 25 marathons in 25 days to commemorate British Soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq wars. / (Brian WOod 
 - Brian Wood 

November 1st, Veteran, Brian Wood, to run 25 marathons in 25 days to commemorate British Soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

On November 1st, Brian Wood MC, former Colour Sergeant, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, will take on a 635-mile marathon challenge in a personal tribute to the 635 British Armed Forces personnel who lost their lives during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Brian will be running to raise money to support Walking With The Wounded.

Starting the challenge in the South of England, Brian will run a marathon each day, starting at a different military barracks. He will also wear a t-shirt that commemorates each of the 635 Armed Forces personnel who lost their lives during the conflicts.

Commenting on the challenge, Brian said,After watching Afghanistan fall into Taliban hands, I wanted to shift the narrative and do something positive. I believe I have a duty to remember and represent our fallen soldiers, so I decided to run 635 miles throughout November. I will dedicate every mile to each individual that lost their life during the conflicts. Anyone wishing to support me in this epic challenge is welcome to join me in running as much or as little as they can or by donating to  @walkingwiththewounded, for which I’m hoping to raise £20,000.

I have supported Walking With The Wounded for years and I know they continue to support so many people who need it."

Brian was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in combat for courageous leadership in Iraq but was later summoned for unfound war crimes which eventually led to full vindication. His story is now the subject of a BBC2 film, Danny Boy, and he has been open about his struggles with PTSD and anxiety while also supporting Walking With The Wounded’s mental health programmes to help others.

Fergus Williams, CEO of Walking With The Wounded, commented, “This challenge is a phenomenal way to pay tribute our servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. WWTW is incredibly grateful to Brian and all our fundraisers who support the charity and those who served. We wish you the best of luck for the challenge ahead.”

Support Brian, here, via his GivePenny fundraising page and see his progress. 

Here are the names of the fallen 635 servicemen and women who died during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Each day, Brian will wear a different shirt featuring the names of the fallen. 

Rank Name
Captain Guy, Philip
Lance Bombardier Evans, Llywelyn
Colour Sgt Cecil, John
Maj Ward, Jason
Warrant Officer Class 2 Stratford, Mark
Operator mechanic Seymour, Ian
Sgt Hehir, Les
Marine Hedenskog, Sholto
Lt Wilson, Andrew
Lt Williams, James
Lt West, Philip
Lt Lawrence, Marc
Lt King, Antony
Lt Green, Philip
Sapper Allsopp, Luke
Staff Sgt Cullingworth, Simon
Flt Lt Williams, David
Flt Lt Main, Kevin
L/Cpl Stephen, Barry
Sgt Roberts, Steven
Trooper Clarke, David
Cpl Allbutt, Stephen
L/Cpl of Horse Hull, Matty
Maj Ballard, Steve
Marine Maddison, Christopher
L/Cpl Brierley, Shaun
Staff Sgt Muir, Chris
L/Cpl Shearer, Karl
Fusliier Turrington, Kelan
L/Cpl Malone, Ian
Piper Muzvuru, Christopher
Lt Tweedie, Alexander
L/Cpl McCue, James
Pte Kelly, Andrew
Gunner Pritchard, Duncan
Corporal Shepherd, David
Civillian Harvey, Leonard
L/Cpl Keys, Thomas
L/Cpl Hyde, Benjamin
Cpl Miller, Simon
Cpl Long, Paul
Cpl Aston, Russell
Sgt Hamilton- Jewell, Simon
Cpt Linton, James
Pte Smith, Jason
Cpt Jones, David
Cpl Pritchard, Dewi
Warrant Office Class 2 Wall, Colin
Maj Titchener, Matthew
Fusillier Beeston, Russell
Sgt Nightingale, John
Cpl Plank, Ian
Pte Thomas, Ryan
Sgt Patterson, Norman
Maj Stenner, James
L/Cpl Craw, Andrew
Rifleman Windsor, Vincent
Sapper Thomson, Robert
Cpl Ivell, Richard
Fusillier Gentle, Gordon
Flt Lt Gover, Kristian
Pte Rayment, Christopher
Pte O'Callaghan, Lee
Pte Ferns, Marc
L/Cpl Thomas, Paul
Fusillier Jones, Stephen
Cpl Taylor, Marc
Gunner Lawrence, David
Pte McHale, Kevin
Staff Sgt Rose, Denise
Sgt Gray, Stuart
Pte McArdle, Scott
Pte Lowe, Paul
Pte Tukutu- kuwaqa, Pita
Sgt Connolly, Paul
Chief Technician Brown, Richard
Flt Sgt Gibson, Mark
Sgt O'Connor, Robert
Cpl Williams, David
L/Cpl Jones, Steven
Sqn Ldr Marshall, Patrick
Flt Lt Stead, David
Flt Lt Pardoel, Paul
Master Engineer Nicholson, Gary
Flt Lt Smith, Andrew
Pte Dobson, Mark
Guardsman Wakefield, Anthony
L/Cpl Brackenbury, Alan
Signaller Didsbury, Paul
2nd Lt Shearer, Richard
Pte Hewett, Phillip
Pte Spicer, Leon
Fusillier Manning, Stephen
Fusillier Meade, Donal
Maj Bacon, Matthew
Capt Masters, Ken
Sgt Hickey, Christian
Sgt Jones, John
L/Cpl Douglas, Allan
Cpl Pritchard, Gordon
Trooper Smith, Carl
Capt Holmes, Richard
Pte Ellis, Lee
Lt Palmer, Richard
Wing Cdr Coxen, John
Marine Collins, Paul
Lt Cdr Chapman, Darren
Capt Dobson, David
Flt Lt Mulvihill, Sarah-Jayne
Pte Morris, Adam
Pte Lewaicei, Joseva
L/Cpl Farrelly, Paul
Lt Cdr Mildinhall, Tom
Cpl Cosby, John
Cpl Cornish, Matthew
Gunner Vanua, Samuela
Gunner Wright, Stephen
Gunner Thornton, Lee
L/Cpl Brady, Dennis
Lt Cdr Tanswell, Tom
Kingsman Hancock, Jamie
Staff Sgt Elliott, Sharron
Warrant Officer Class 2 Hopkins, Lee
Marine Hylton, Jason
Cpl Nowak, Ben
Sgt Hollingsworth, Jonathan
Sgt Hesketh, Graham
Sgt Rees, Wayne
Kingsman Green, Alex
Pte Tench, Michael
2nd Lt Bracho-Cooke, Jonathan Carlos
Pte Simpson, Luke
Rifleman Coffey, Daniel
Pte Wysoczan, Johnathon
Kingsman Wilson, Danny
Rifleman Lincoln, Aaron
2nd Lt Yorke Dyer, Joanna
Kingsman Smith, Adam
Pte Dlugosz, Eleanor
Cpl O'Neill, Kris
Sgt McLaren, Mark
Colour Sgt Powell, Mark
Trooper Turton, Kristen
Cpl Leaning, Ben
Kingsman Jones, Alan
Rifleman Donnachie, Paul
Maj Bateson, Nick
Pte Thompson, Kevin
Cpl Brookes, Jeremy
Cpl Wilson, Rodney
L/Cpl Cartwright, James
Maj Harding, Paul
Cpl Rigby, John
Pte Kerr, James
Pte Kennedy, Scott
Cpl Joszko, Paul
Rifleman Vakabua, Edward
L/Cpl Francis, Ryan
Cpl Read, Christopher
Senior Aircraftman Caulwell, Matthew
Senior Aircraftman Dunsmore, Christopher
Senior Aircraftman McFerran, Peter
L/Cpl Flowers, Timothy
Cpl Edwards, Steve
Pte Barber, Craig
Leading Aircraftman Beard, Martin
Lance Sergant Casey, Chris
L/Cpl Redpath, Kirk
Sgt Collins, Eddie
Sgt Stansfield, Mark
L/Cpl Holmes, Sarah
Cpl Fitzsimmons, Lee
Sgt Battersby, John
Guardsman Ferguson, Stephen
Sgt Barwood, Duane
Colour Sgt Brown, Nicholas
L/Cpl Wilson, David
Cpl Churcher, Lee
Pte Wrathall, Ryan
Pte George, Darren
Sgt Busuttil, Robert
Cpl Gregory, John
Pte Kitulagoda, Jonathan
L/Cpl Sherwood, Steven
Cpl Cridge, Mark
L/Cpl Craddock, Peter
Capt Philippson, Jim
Capt Patten, David
Sgt Bartlett, Paul
Cpl Thorpe, Peter
L/Cpl Hashmi, Jabron
Pte Jackson, Damien
L/Cpl Nicholls, Ross
2nd Lt Johnson, Ralph
Capt Eida, Alex
Pte Cutts, Andrew
Pte Reeves, Leigh
L/Cpl Tansey, Sean
Cpl Budd, Bryan
L/Cpl Hetherington, Jonathan
Ranger Draiva, Anare
Cpl Dicketts, Oliver
Marine Windall, Joseph
Flt Sgt Davies, Adrian
Sgt Knight, Benjamin
Sgt Langton, John
Sgt Quilliam, Gary
Flt Lt Johnson, Steven
Flt Lt Mitchelmore, Leigh
Flt Lt Nicholas, Gareth
Flt Lt Squires, Allan
Flt Lt Swarbrick, Steve
Flt Sgt Andrews, Gary
Flt Sgt Beattie, Stephen
Flt Sgt Bell, Gerard
Pte O'Donnell, Craig
Cpl Wright, Mark
L/Cpl McCulloch, Luke
L/Cpl Muirhead, Paul
Marine Wright, Gary
Marine Wigley, Jonathan
Marine Watson, Richard
Lance Bombardier Dwyer, James
Marine Curry, Thomas
L/Cpl Ford, Mathew
Marine Holland, Jonathan
Marine Summers, Scott
Lance Bombardier Clark, Ross
Lance Bombardier McLaughlin, Liam
Marine Reddy, Benjamin
Warrant Officer Class 2 Smith, Michael
Pte Gray, Chris
Guardsman Davison, Simon
L/Cpl Davey, George
Guardsman Probyn, Daniel
Cpl Bonner, Darren
Cpl Gilyeat, Mike
L/Cpl Sandford, Paul
Guardsman Downes, Neil
Drummer Wright, Thomas
Capt Dolan, Sean
Sgt Wilkinson, Dave
Guardsman Hickey, Daryl
L/Cpl Hawkins, Alex
Guardsman Atherton, David
Sgt Keen, Barry
L/Cpl Jones, Michael
Pte Rawson, Tony
Capt Hicks, David
Pte Thrumble, John
Pte Foster, Robert
Pte McClure, Aaron
Senior Aircraftman Bridge, Christopher
Pte Wright, Damian
Pte Ford, Ben
Pte Botha, Johan
Sgt Brelsford, Craig
L/Cpl Violino, Ivano
Colour Sgt Newman, Phillip
Pte Tunnicliffe, Brian
Major Roberts, Alexis
L/Cpl Alderton, Jake
Capt McDermid, John
Trooper Sadler, Jack
Sgt Johnson, Lee
Cpl Gardiner, Darryl 
Cpl Lawrence, Damian
Cpl Mulvihill, Damian
Marine Marsh, David
Lt Thornton, John
Senior Aircraftman Livingstone, Graham
Senior Aircraftman Thompson, Gary
Trooper Pearson, Robert
Trooper Babakobau, Ratu
Thompson, James
Marine Gostick, Dale
Pte Gamble, Daniel
Pte Cuthbertson, Nathan
Pte Murray, David
Pte Doherty, Jeff
L/Cpl Bateman, James
L/Cpl Larkin, Richard
Cpl Bryant, Sarah
Cpl Reeve, Sean Robert
Stout, Paul
Warrant Officer Class 2 Williams, Michael
Pte Whittaker, Joe
Warrant Officer Class 2 Shirley, Dan
L/Cpl Johnson, James
Cpl Barnes, Jason
L/Cpl Rowe, Kenneth
Sgt Mathews, Jonathan
Pte Cowton, Peter
Signaller Bland, Wayne
Cpl Dempsey, Barry
Ranger Cupples, Justin
Warrant Officer Class 2 O'Donnell, Gary
Pte Rawstron, Jason
L/Cpl Mason, Nicky
Trooper Munday, James
Rifleman Rai, Yubraj
Marine Dunstan, Neil
Marine McKibben, Robert
Colour Sgt Dura, Krishna- bahadur
Marine Lucas, Alexander
Marine Evans, Tony
Marine Sparks, Georgie
Marine Davies, Damian
Cpl Birch, Marc
L/Cpl Fellows, Steven
Sgt Manuel, John
Lt Lewis, Aaron
Rifleman Nash, Stuart
Cpl Deering, Robert
L/Cpl Whatley, Ben
Cpl Elms, Liam
Sjt Reed, Christopher
Marine Mackin, Travis
Cpl Winter, Danny
Capt Sawyer, Tom
Cpl Robinson, Richard
Cpl Nield, Daniel
Marine Smith, Darren
L/Cpl Kingscott, Stephen
L/Cpl Upton, Paul
Rifleman Gunn, Jamie
Marine Laski, Michael
Cpl Gaden, Tom
L/Cpl Harkett, Christopher
Cpl John, Dean
Cpl Stiff, Graeme
L/Sgt Fasfous, Tobie
Cpl Pun, Kumar
Sgt Ross, Ben
Cpl Binnie, Sean
Rifleman Sheldon, Adrian
Lt Evison, Mark
Marine Mackie, Jason
Fusilier Suesue, Petero
Sapper Rossi, Jordan
L/Cpl Hill, Kieron
L/Cpl Richards, Robert
L/Cpl Moffett, Nigel
Cpl Bolger, Stephen
Rifleman Thatcher, Cyrus
Pte McLaren, Robert
Lt Mervis, Paul
Major Birchall, Sean
Trooper Hammond, Joshua
Lt Col Thorneloe, Rupert
Pte Laws, Robert
L/Cpl Dennis, David
L/Cpl Elson, Dane
Capt Babington- Browne, Ben
Trooper Whiteside, Christopher
Pte Brackpool, John
Rifleman Hume, Daniel
Rifleman Murphy, Joseph
Rifleman Aldridge, William
Rifleman Backhouse, James
Cpl Scott, Lee
Cpl Horne, Jonathan
Rifleman Simpson, Daniel
Rifleman Toge, Aminiasi
Cpl Etchells, Joseph
Capt Shepherd, Daniel
Guardsman King, Christopher
Bombardier Hopson, Craig
Trooper Lawrence, Phillip
Warrant Officer Class 2 Upton, Sean
Craftsman Lombardi, Anthony
L/Cpl Hopkins, Dale
Pte Adams, Kyle
Cpl Mulligan, Kevin
Pte Williams, Jason
Capt Hale, Mark
Rifleman Wild, Daniel
Lance Bombardier Hatton, Matthew
Sgt Valentine, Simon
Pte Hunt, Richard
L/Cpl Fullarton, James
Fusilier Annis, Simon
Fusilier Carter, Louis
Sjt McAleese, Paul
Pte Young, Johnathon
Fusilier Bush, Shaun
Sgt Houltram, Lee
Sgt Millar, Stuart
Pte Elliott, Kevin
L/Cpl Brandon, Richard
Pte Elliott, Gavin
Cpl Harrison, John
Kingsman Dunn-Bridgeman, Jason
Trooper Hall, Brett
Acting Serjeant McGrath, Stuart
Acting Sergeant Lockett, Michael
Pte Prosser, James
Senior Aircraftman Wojtak, Marcin
Guardsman Janes, Jamie
L/Cpl Hill, James
Cpl Oakland, James
Cpl Mason, Thomas
Staff Sgt Schmid, Olaf
Cpl Webster-Smith, Nicholas
Warrant Officer Class 1 Chant, Darren
Sgt Telford, Matthew
Guardsman Major, Jimmy
Acting Cpl Boote, Steven
Sjt Scott, Phillip
Rifleman Allen, Philip
Rifleman Bassett, Samuel John
Cpl Marlton-Thomas, Loren
Rifleman Fentiman, Andrew
Sgt Loughran-Dickson, Robert
Acting Sergeant Amer, John Paxton
L/Cpl Drane, Adam
Rifleman Brown, James
L/Cpl Kirkness, David
Cpl Hornby, Simon
L/Cpl Pritchard, Michael
L/Cpl Brown, Tommy
L/Cpl Roney, Christopher
Rifleman Howell, Aidan
Sapper Watson, David
Pte Hayes, Robert
Capt Read, Daniel
Cpl Brownson, Lee
Rifleman Farmer, Luke
Rifleman Aldridge, Peter
L/Cpl Cooper, Daniel
L/Cpl Shaw, Graham
Cpl Riley, Liam
Pte McDonald, Sean
Cpl Moore, John
Warrant Officer Class 2 Markland, David
L/Cpl Hicks, Darren
L/Sgt Greenhalgh, Dave
Kingsman Dawson, Sean
Rifleman Marshall, Mark
Sapper Mellors, Guy
Lt Dalzell, Douglas
L/Sgt Walker, David
Senior Aircraftman Southgate, Luke
Rifleman Kinggett, Martin
Sgt Fox, Paul
Rifleman Apolis, Carlo
Cpl Green, Richard
Rifleman Allott, Jonathon
Rifleman Maughan, Liam
L/Cpl Keogh, Tom
Cpl Thompson, Stephen
Capt Driver, Martin
L/Cpl Hardy, Scott
Pte Grigg, James
Sjt Campbell, Steven
L/Cpl of Horse Woodgate, Jonathan
Rifleman Holkham, Daniel
Guardsman Sweeney, Michael
Rifleman Turner, Mark
Fusilier Burgess, Jonathan
Cpl Holmes, Harvey Alex
L/Cpl Buxton, Barry
Sapper Roy, Daryn
Cpl Harrison, Christopher
Cpl Walker, Stephen
Gunner Cusack, Zak
Cpl Curley, Stephen
Marine Taylor, Scott
Marine Hotine, Anthony
Cpl Webster, Terry
L/Cpl Cochran, Alan
Lance Bombardier Chandler, Mark
Pte Monk, Jonathan
L/Cpl Breeze, Andrew
Marine Birdsall, Steven James
Kingsman Tagitaginimoce, Ponipate
Cpl Rogoiruwai, Taniela
Trooper Smith, Ashley David
Marine Hollington, Richard
Marine Warren, Paul
L/Cpl Taylor, Michael
L/Cpl Ramsden, David Andrew
Colour Sgt Horton, Martyn Simon
Sgt Darbyshire, Steven William
Pte Isaac, Alex
Pte Halliday, Douglas Niall
Bombardier Gilbert, Stephen Raymond
Cpl Kirkpatrick, Jamie
Cpl Stephens, Seth
Pte Sephton, Thomas
Trooper Leverett, James
Bombardier Robinson, Samuel
Marine Hart, David Charles
Major Bowman, James Joshua
Cpl Pun, Arjun Purja
Marine Harrison, Matthew
Lt Turkington, Neal
Marine Crookes, Jonathan
Senior Aircraftman Griffiths, Kinikki
Sgt Monkhouse, David
Staff Sgt Linley, Brett
Cpl Stenton, Matthew James
L/Cpl Monkhouse, Stephen Daniel
Sapper Smith, Mark Antony
Marine Brown, Adam
Lance Sergeant McCallum, Dale Alanzo
Lt Sanderson, John Charles
Rifleman Kulung, Remand
Sapper Foster, Darren
Sapper Gurung, Ishwor
L/Cpl Bancroft, Jordan
L/Cpl Pool, Joseph
Capt Griffiths, Andrew
Kingsman Deady, Darren
Trooper Howarth, Andrew
Sgt Jones, Andrew
Cpl Thomas, Matthew
Rifleman Gurung, Suraj
Sgt Rayner, Peter
Acting Cpl Barnsdale, David
Sapper Blanchard, William
Senior Aircraftman Hughes, Scott
Ranger McCormick, Aaron
Guardsman Davies, Christopher
Pte Howard, John
Cpl Dunn, Steven
Warrant Officer Class 2 Wood, Charlie
Pte Vatubua, Joseva
Pte Bell, Martin
Ranger Dalzell, David
Warrant Officer Class 2 (Company Sergeant Major) Beckett, Colin
Pte Lewis, Conrad
Pte Hendry, Lewis
Pte Hutchinson, Dean
Pte Wood, Robert
L/Cpl Marshall, Kyle Cleet
L/Cpl Tasker, Liam
L/Cpl McKee, Stephen
Pte Prior, Daniel
Major Collins, Matthew
L/Sgt Burgan, Mark
Colour Sgt Cameron, Alan
Capt Head, Lisa
Marine Mead, Nigel Dean
Colour Sjt Fortuna, Kevin
Lt Augustin, Ollie
Marine Alexander, Sam
Cpl Pike, Michael
Rifleman Lamb, Martin
L/Cpl Gill, Martin
Cpl Newell, Lloyd
Craftsman Found, Andrew
Pte Bellingham, Gareth
Highlander McLaren, Scott
L/Cpl Watkins, Paul
Cpl Palin, Mark
Marine Wright, James
Lt Clack, Daniel
Sgt Weston, Barry
L/Cpl McKinlay, Jonathan
Marine Fairbrother, David
Rifleman Rai, Vijay
Pte Haseldin, Matthe
Pte Matthew Thornton
L.Cpl Eustace, Peter
Lt Boyce, David
L/Cpl Scanlon, Richard
Pte Lake, Thomas
Rifleman Steel, Sheldon
Sapper Bond, Elijah
Capt Jennings, Tom
Sqn Ldr Downing, Anthony
Pte King, John
Limbu, Sachin
Signaller Sartorius-Jones, Ian
Lance Corporal Gurung, Gajbahadur
Senior Aircraftsman Tomlin, Ryan
Sergeant Coupe, Nigel
Corporal Hartley, Jake
Private Anthony Frampton
Private Kershaw, Christopher
Private Wade, Daniel
Private Wilford, Daniel
Captain Bowers, Rupert William Michael
Sereant Taylor Luke
Lance Corporal Foley, Michael
Corporal Stanley, Jack
Sapper Ray, Connor
Guardsman Roland,Michael
Corporal Roberts, Andrew Steven
Private Manasa Silibaravi, Ratu
Corporal McCarthy, Brent John
Lance Corporal Davies, Lee Thomas
Captain Healey, Stephen
Corporal Thacker, Michael
Private Stone, Gregg
Lance Corporal Ashworth, James
Corporal Guy, Alex William
Warrant Officer Class 2 Thomas, Leonard
Guardsman Roderick, Craig
Guardsman Ratumaiyale Tuisovurua, Apete Saunikalou
Lieutenant Chesterman, Andrew
Lance Corporal Smith, Matthew
Guardsman Shadrake, Jamie
Guardsman Whittle, Karl
Sergeant Davidson, Lee
Lance Corporal Groom, Duane
Sergeant Thursby, Gareth
Private Wroe, Thomas
Sergeant Kups, Jonathan
Captain Townley, James
Captain Manley, Carl
Corporal O'Connor, David
Corporal Day, Channing
Lieutenant Drummond-Baxter, Edward
Lance Corporal Kunwar, Siddhanta
Captain Barrie, Walter
Sapper Walker, Richard
Kingsman Shaw, David
Lance Corporal Webb, Jamie
Corporal Savage, William
Fusillier Flint, Samuel
Private Hetherington, Robert
Lance Corporal Brynin, James
Warrant Officer Class 2 Fisher, Ian
Captain Holoway, Richard 
Sapper Moralee, Adam
Captain Clarke, Thomas
Flight Lieutenant Chauhan, Rakesh
Warrant Officer Class 2 Faulkner, Spencer
Corporal Walters, James
Lance Corporal Thomas, Oliver
Lance Corporal Campbell, Michael
Flight Lieutenant Roberts, Geraint
Flight Lieutenant Scott, Alex
Private Berry, Joseph