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The Cumbrian Challenge 2022

Last year, Shaun and his team attempted to climb the Tougher route carrying a rowing machine. This year, his team are preparing to face the route again.

In 2021, Shaun (a WWTW beneficiary) and his team from Chamber Health and Wellbeing decided to take on the toughest route at the Cumbrian Challenge AND carry a rowing machine. Although bad weather meant that the group were unable to complete their challenge, they have decided to return to the Cumbrian Challenge 2022 to pick up where they left off. 

You and your team took part in the Cumbrian Challenge last year and attempted to carry a rowing machine around the Tougher Route. What do you have planned for this years’ challenge?

For 2022 we will be once again bringing the rowing machine unless anyone comes up with a wacky idea, maybe a kayak with the WWTW logo! Our aim is to move faster, maybe some running and speak to as many people on the route as possible.

How are you training for the Cumbrian Challenge 2022?

Training wise, nothing too specific, just keeping ourselves fairly functional and as injury-free as possible.

Do you have any advice or tips for supporters taking part in the challenge?

For anyone taking part, or who wants to take part I would suggest embracing the challenge and all it has to offer. What I found absolute golden from the 2021 event was the space it allowed my head to reflect. Being out on the hills has quite an impact. As you dig deep and push through barriers you can finally free up your mind to reflect. Aim to keep yourself as far away from injury as possible, do not underestimate the power of consistency with good sleep and hydration.

What is your favourite memory from the Cumbrian Challenge 2021 and why?

My favourite memory from 2021 was just what it felt like being there, the buzz in the air, the willingness of everyone to connect and chat away as if they had known each other for years. Also, the absolute shock and horror in peoples eyes as we made our way with a rowing machine! 

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